A moment for a mojito.

Okay, y’all. I finished survived my first year of teaching, and it ended today. I mean, six exams, 180 students and countless hours later, I have done it! Although I think any day ending in ‘Y’ warrants a moment worthy of a mojito, today was particularly exciting. I had two students earn grades of 100s on their North Carolina CTE Post-assessment, and countless others make As! That being said, it was only fair that I come home, and while cooking dinner for the beau, enjoy myself an iced-cold beverage!

My drink of choice has to start with ‘M’. But really…mojito, mimosa, love them both! In honor of my celebratory happy hour(s), I thought I would share my fave recipe!

For a delicious cherry mojito:
What you need:
Maraschino cherries
White rum (I use Bacardi)
Club soda
A tumbler

How to do it:
Muddle 1 tablespoon of sugar and 2-3 mint leaves. Muddling requires you to press the mint into the sugar repeatedly, mixing the favors of the two. You should do this until the sugar is light-greenish, and there are only faint specks of mint left.

Add a squeeze of a quarter of 1 lime.

Add 1 oz cherry juice (from the jar works!) Throw in 2-4 cherries.

Add 2 oz rum

Fill your glass with ice.

Top with club soda.




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