Fab FIVEday!

Alright, y’all! Here’s to my first Fab FIVEday post! Today, and most Fridays, I will post five of my favorite products, things or ideas. Today’s Fab Five revolves around taking the best care of acne-prone, sensitive skin (annoying, right?) My skin has always given me trouble, and it’s tough to maintain. In the summer, it’s oily, bumpy and sensitive, and in the cold months, it’s dry, itchy and uneven. The pimples I do get are nasty, mean cystic ones…those ones that are red and inflamed and hurt like the Dickens!

Anyways, after 21 years, I think I have finally got the magic formula for dealing with my skin (in the heat of Summer, anyways!) The following products are ones that I LOVE!

1) Arbonne Cosmetics Natural Radiance Mineral Foundation with Broad Spectrum SPF 15
Like I said, my skin gets fairly oily in the summer months. This foundation blurs away all traces of oil, and leaves my skin light and natural-looking. I typically apply with a foundation brush. I swirl the bristles in the powder, tap off any excess, and apply in a circular motion. That circular motion is vital to having an airbrushed finish! Pay special attention to oil-prone areas, under the eyes and around the nose.

2) Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Anti-Wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Serum (what a mouthful!)

deep wrinkle

This stuff is awesome! Retinol is very important when treating skin that is dry, uneven and blemished. Basically, Retinol works by increasing cell turnover. When it is applied to the skin, it encourages the removal of gross, dead cells and replenishes skin to form new, healthy cells. I apply this after washing my face every evening. I pay special attention to areas that are dry, or uneven in color.

3) Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a miracle worker on pimples. It acts as an antiseptic, reducing the bacteria that cause pimples in the first place. I use TTO in two different ways. First, I dilute with water (about 50/50) and use it as a toner. The liquid is incredibly potent, and can actually hurt your skin if you aren’t using it correctly! Make sure you dilute it, if it’s not treating one specific pimple! As a toner, I use it BEFORE applying the Retinol serum each night. I also use TTO as a zit-zapper. Dab a Q-Tip in some of the oil, and press it into the pimple. It’s an awesome, natural alternative to all the creepy chemical creams out there to treat breakouts!

4) The Zeno Hot Spot
Okay, y’all. I was SUPER skeptical about this thing, at first! Now, I love it! It uses gentle heat to kill bacteria in pimples. I typically only use the Zeno when I have a really bad pimple, or when I need one cleared up in a really short timeframe. Of course, it’s gentle heat, but I am a pansy and it’s hot, to me! Love it, nonetheless!

5) Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing+Makeup Remover with Neutrogena Wave Sonic
The Neutrogena Naturals line of skincare is designed to be gentle on skin, which is very important to my sensitive face! I use the Fresh Cleansing+Makeup Remover, as it cuts through all traces of makeup, leaving my skin super clean. To enhance it, some, I use the Neutrogena Wave Sonic tool with Gentle Exfoliating pads to pump up the cleansing action!

Okay, so there you have it!  I have annoying skin, yes, but this works for me!  What products do you use to ensure that your delicate skin is acne-free?




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