Wedding Shower Wednesday!

As our wedding quickly approaches, it is time to start thinking about the showers that will be held! Cole and I will probably have two wedding showers, one for my family and one for his. I will have a bridal shower a couple of weeks before the big day! As I ponder the different soirées to be held in our honor, I get really excited about the potential themes! Everyone knows I love a well-planned get-together! So, here are some of my ideas of a good time!

For the bridal shower:
A totally girly, ‘Monograms and Mimosas’ party. Every Southern lady loves her monogram, and one of the best ways to celebrate your new marriage is with a new piece, personalized with your new initials! At my bridal shower, guests will be encouraged to wear spring dresses and colorful hats




For the wedding showers:
We really want our two wedding showers to be laid back, casual and fun. Coles family also wants to host a ‘good old fashioned pounding.’ No, no one is going to beat us up, or leave us with black eyes. A poundin’ is an old tradition in the South. Along with regular gifts for the bride and/or groom, a non-perishable food item, household supply or cleaning product is brought to help stock the newlyweds cabinets! Look at these cute invitations!



The last party I would L-O-V-E to have is a Stock the Bar themed party! This event would involve our of-age friends and family. Gifts could include wine, liquor, or bar tools! How fun?!


As we continue on the journey to April 26, 2014 I’ll share updates about our big day!




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