My Creative To-Do List

Most of you who know me, know I am obsessed with crafting and thrift-store finds.  Today, as I fed my daily Pinterest addiction, I decided to take a look at my ‘Crafts to Make‘ board.  A while back, I reorganized my boards, leaving me with only 6 pins there, but I am very excited about the things I have to make!  This summer, before school starts back, I would like to cross off a few of these pins!  Some that I am super excited about starting:

1.)  3-D Embroidered Art



To make this, I will need roping (probably the kind used for piping), embroidery thread, a clean canvas, hot glue gun and a needle.  Very simply, you glue the roping down to form a picture, word, etc.  Then, using the needle and embroidery thread, sew up and down, covering the rope.  Easy peasy!  I think I will do an image or pattern, rather than words.  I have another project that involves lettering (see below!)

2.)  Penny Vase


I think this project seems incredibly easy, and it combines my two favorites: crafting AND thriftstore hunting!  I will need a smooth vase (no crystal or embellishment, other than paint), matte spray paint, pennies and the trusty hot glue gun.   Spray paint the vase a matte black color.  Glue the pennies, covering as much black as possible. Simple enough!

3.)  Sunburst Mirror


I will need kabob sticks, two wooden circle pieces, a craft mirror and metallic gold spray paint.   The process is a little more complex and time consuming.  First, I will lay one circle piece on a flat surface.  Then, I will mark a pattern, showing where to glue the sticks to create a scalloped, ray effect.  Using a TON of glue, I will attach each stick to the single circle piece.  After attaching all sticks, I glue the second circle piece, forming a wood/stick sandwich.  Once the frame is dry, I will spray paint it a metallic gold color.   I will let it dry for as long as possible, and then attach the craft mirror!  The beauty of this project is that you can make it as large or small as desired!

4.)  Re-styled Thrift Store Finds


This is literally the easiest project EVER.  All I will need are some cheesy thrift-store decorative items, and some spray paint!  I am a big fan of white and metallic gold, but I suppose it really depends on the piece you find!  You could paint each piece any color to match your decor!  Make sure that you choose a spray paint that will adhere to the material of the item you have found!  I also recommend that you choose a high-gloss finish paint.

5.) Word Art


For this project I will need a few canvases of varying size and shape, and the wooden letters needed to build the phrase I want.  Michael’s or other craft stores usually carry a large variety of typefaces, so choose what you like!  Glue the letters down onto an unpainted, clean canvas, and spray paint it to match your decor!  Again, I really like the crispness of white, but other colors may work well in your rooms.

6.) Doily Dishes


I am totally obsessed with the beauty of handmade lace.  I have a pretty extensive collection of handmade doilies, and this is a perfect use for one or two of them!  All I need is a material called ‘craft ceramic’.  Lay out the ceramic, and place a doily on top of it.  Using a knife, cut all of the excess off, and allow it to dry.  To form bowls or curved-edge trays, place the ceramic on something of the shape you desire (for example, a bowl, if you want a bowl!)  Once it is dry, paint the piece and seal it with a high-gloss finish.

My other project to-do list includes finishing that chair I started to reupholster and making some wreaths to match the season!  I am not a big fan of yard or porch decor (all simplicity, here!) so I rely on wreaths and small accents to make outdoor space more fun.  Check back later for a post dedicated to wreaths and wreath-making!




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