What I Wore: The Job Interview

As many of you know, I interviewed for a new position this past Tuesday.  Some have asked what I wore, and here it is!




I wore a nude pencil skirt (mine was from Target), a crochet tank (J Crew), a white cardigan (another Target find), pewter-colored skinny belt and nude heels.  To accessorize, I carried a brown, leather portfolio and pearl earrings.  

They say, when it comes to meeting people, it’s all about the “first twelve”…as in the first twelve inches, first twelve words and first twelve steps.  The first twelve inches refer to your appearance.  Are your pearly whites pearly white?  Is your makeup flattering and tasteful?  Is your hair styled in a polished way?  Many people say not to judge a book by it’s cover, but of course, your first impression is always based on appearance.  When interviewing, it is imperative that your appearance show your confidence and that it mirrors your ability to do the job well.  The first twelve words you speak are equally as important.  Being confident in your ability to speak is vital to your success in the interview room.  Shake hands, smile and speak clearly.  The easiest way to show nerves is with a wavering voice.  Lastly, are the first twelve steps.  When you walk into an office, boardroom or coffee shop for an interview, make sure that you do so with poise.  Not into wearing heels?  Don’t try it for the big day.  Practice standing tall and taking confident strides.  Few things are less approachable than a person dragging their feet, as they walk into a room.  


For those of you who are wondering, I did, in fact, get the job!  This fall, I will be working alongside some excellent staff at Northside High School.





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