Fab FIVEday!

Here are the things I am obsessed with, right now!

1) Sam Edelman Gigi sandals in Saddle

sam edelman

These babies are so comfortable, and they go with nearly everything in my closet!

2) Southern Tide Ladies Chino Shorts- the Leah fit

southern tide

These shorts are awesome for casual days.  They have a flattering 3″ inseam, and just enough stretch to fit all my curves perfectly.  I own three pairs: True Navy, Resort White and Red Coral.

3) Arbonne Cosmetics Makeup Primer


This makeup primer is the BEST I have ever used.  It leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth, a perfect canvas for makeup.  It smooths out all the imperfections, and is packed with vitamins!

4) Satin Care with a Touch of Olay Shave Gel


In the heat of summer, nothing is more uncomfortable than stubble or dry legs.  This awesome formula is a fix-all for both problems!  I have very sensitive, dry skin, and this is the only shave gel that has served me well.  I am typically rather inconsistent with my product-purchasing, but I have remained loyal!

5) Essie Nail Polish in California Coral


Another tride-and-true: my red-coral toenails.  I rarely paint ’em any other color, and Essie products are fantastic.  There are so many color options, any style can be accommodated!


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