What I Did Last Week

Well folks, it’s officially summer over here in agriculture teacher land.  I have spent the last week and weekend running around (literally)!  To excuse myself for my lack of blogging, I will fill you in on what I have been doing!

Last Monday: UNPACKING (yuck!)

Last Tuesday-Thursday: North Carolina CTE Summer Conference (more like family reunion!)

Last Thursday-Friday: Classes and finishing touches on Plan of Study for Graduate School (I graduate in May, y’all!)

Saturday: Ran a 5k in support of Durham Habitat for Humanity!

Sunday: Visited my sweet, sweet grandmother (or Gma, as we all call her)

Today: Made it to the gym, ran errands, watched Pitch Perfect for the millionth time, and loved on this sweet pooch!



This week I am heading to White Lake, North Carolina to meet my new students, and bond with old friends!  

Pinky promise I will fill you in on all the details of my new home and the lovely pieces I have added to my collection!




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