Moving? Time to redecorate!

I am looking forward to the changes that are coming our way, one of them being a B-I-G move. While its a little scary, what better time to review our current home design, and update some things! I am looking forward to having a real dining room, hardwood floors and (drumroll, please) a much-needed walk in closet! Most of you know that I am obsessed with well-designed home interiors, so here is a glimpse into what looks I am going for. Check back later for real pictures of our real home!

For the Dining Room

The floors in our new dining room are a dark hardwood.  The walls are a peachy-tan color.  I really like pedestal tables, and this one will fit perfectly with the smaller design of the home.  Additionally, a calming area rug will break up the monotony of colors, and will lighten the room (rug can be found at Lowes).  I am a huge fan of fresh flowers, which will be maintained as a constant centerpiece.  Simple artwork is also a necessity.  Vertical pieces can add height to a smaller space.  Since I do photography on the side, I will probably incorporate some of my black and white prints.  Finally, sheer curtains add tranquility, and tie the whole space together.







For the Living Room

The living room in our new home is very different than the one in the home where we currently reside.  My new den is equipped with light hardwood floors, a fireplace, built-ins and cathedral ceilings.  While I am not necessarily a huge fan of over-the-fireplace televisions, it seems that it was designed to be placed as such.  For our new living room, I plan to invest in a tasteful sofa/loveseat set.  Additionally, I would like to invest in a really comfortable chair (or pair of chairs) to add a little more dimension to the room.  Another calm area rug will make the larger room a bit more cozy.  I intend to continue the use of sheer curtains in the living room (I really like sheer curtains, for whatever reason!)  Finally, if space allows, I would like to have a bar area in the living room.  All that’s needed is some great styling and a buffet!




For the Master Bedroom

I absolutely love my bed, and I love the quilt that dons it.  In my new master bedroom, I hope to incorporate more of the style elements that I love.  Maintaining the light, airy feel of the dining and living rooms is important.  I hate, hate, hate carpeted floors, so I will have to invest in yet another area rug, to make the space more design-friendly.  Next, two  mirrors will be purchased and installed behind each respective nightstand.  A new set of chic lamps will be purchased for the nightstands.  Additionally, I am going to buy a new dresser and mirror for the master bedroom.   Last but not least, black and white prints of our engagement (and eventually wedding) pictures will don the walls over the bed.





I am so much looking forward to having a home that really feels like….home.  Some of the quirky things that are welcome, now, will journey into our new place, but many will be tossed.  We simply do not have the space (nor do I have the desire) to take some of these things across the state with me.  What are your ideas for cleaning house?  Any stories of redesign you’d like to share?

Check back for a post dedicated to the new outdoor living space we are going to have, soon!